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Are you looking for Car Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you searching for ‘car tyres near me’?

Then, you should come and visit Sillett Tyres. We are among the leading retailers of car tyres , stocking models across different sizes and for almost every vehicle make and model.

Furthermore, we have an exhaustive collection of quality car tyres across all variants to cater to your driving needs, such as:

Summer tyres

Summer variants feature a hard rubber compound ideal for temperatures above 7°C. Further, they have a shallow tread depth structure, providing optimal traction and aquaplaning resistance on heated summer tracks.

Winter tyres

These tyres have a softer rubber compound with more natural rubber content. These tyres have a high sipe density and deeper tread structure that facilitates biting grip and excellent aquaplaning resistance on snow-covered tracks.

All-season tyres

These variants have an intermediate rubber compound and a moderate tread depth structure. Their innovative and specialised construction allows them to perform optimally during summer and winter. However, all-season tyres are ideal for car owners who drive fewer miles and do not need seasonal variants.

4x4 tyres

4x4 variants have a robust construction with an aggressive tread pattern. The rugged build of these tyres helps them offer maximum grip and aquaplaning resistance in rough road conditions.

Performance tyres

Performance tyres have a unique rubber compound specially designed for high-performance vehicles. Further, they have a low aspect ratio that helps them offer optimal cornering precision at extremely high speeds.

Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres are the best choice for long journeys. These tyres are also called self-supporting tyres. Their support ring system prevents them from deflating and falling off the rim even after sustaining a puncture.

Tyre brands we retail

Whether you want to buy premium, mid-range or cheap tyres , you can get just the right set of tyres for your vehicles from us. We stock products from some of the leading tyre manufacturers in the UK automobile industry, such as:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Hankook
  • Yokohama
  • Continental
  • Bridgestone
  • Roadstone
  • Toyo
  • Churchill
  • Kumho
  • Avon, and many more

Further, we only stock products following the latest EU tyre labelling guidelines.

Buy Tyres online!

If you have a hectic schedule and cannot visit an automobile workshop to get your car tyres replaced, you can choose to buy them online. It only requires you to enter the vehicle registration number or tyre size details in the tyre finder tool on our website. Following this, our virtual tyre catalogue will show up on your screen from where you can select your desired products.

It is that simple!

Visit us today and explore our enviable tyre collection.

Our facility is at 41 Holland Street, AB25 3UJ, UK.

Call us now on 01224 638419 for a quotation.

If you have further queries, write to us at Email Id: tyresatsillett@gmail.com.