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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Every vehicle owner must know that driving with inadequately inflated tyres makes your vehicle susceptible to several road accidents. Hence, to ensure maximum on-road driving safety, you must consider opting for a tyre pressure check at least once a month.

Visit Sillett Tyres. if you need a trustworthy garage to check the tyre inflation level and properly re-inflate them. We offer free tyre pressure check Aberdeen for all vehicle makes and models. Our superior-quality tyre pressure gauge accurately measures the degree of tyre inflation. We will conduct further tyre safety checks to ensure maximum safety if deemed necessary.

What are the risks of driving a car with inadequately inflated tyres?

The ideal tyre pressure level for vehicle tyres lies within the range of 30 to 35 psi. In case the inflation level in your car tyres is not within this level, it can lead to several discrepancies, such as:

  • Inadequate tyre road contact that hampers the vehicle handling stability
  • Car tyres with improper inflation levels will affect the vehicle’s cornering precision
  • Hampers the short-braking performance of your vehicle
  • Excess tyre tread wear on the centre and sides
  • Increased risks of tyre blowouts

Therefore, we recommend our customers visit us for tyre pressure checks Aberdeen at regular intervals to steer clear of such discrepancies.

Why choose us?

We first check the tyre inflation level. If we discover that the inflation level is insufficient, we will check for any small leaks that could be causing the air loss. If we find damages or leaks, we will offer an adequate solution.

If there are no tyre leaks, we will refer to the car owner's manual, typically located within the glove box or in the driver-side door jamb. It will enable us to determine the appropriate inflation rate for your car segment that the manufacturer has advised. Finally, we will re-inflate the tyres per the recommended levels.

Hence, you can stop searching for ‘tyre pressure checks near me’ and come to us at 41 Holland St, Aberdeen AB25 3UJ.

For further queries, dial 01224 638419 or write to us at tyresatsillett@gmail.com.